Answers to 5 Common Questions about Buying Online Auto Insurance

 by: Chris Robertson

While virtually everyone would agree that driving an uninsured car or driving as an uninsured motorist is both illegal and unwise, not everyone realizes that they may be paying more for auto insurance than is necessary. Indeed, many people keep renewing with the same auto insurance carrier year after year, even though they might be eligible for lower rates with another company. That's because most motorists assume that finding a lower rate means spending the day on the phone, calling company after company and being subjected to sales pitch after sales pitch. Thankfully, that assumption is wrong.

Just as the Internet has transformed so many of our life activities, like shopping, finding information, and socializing, the Web has transformed the ways we can get auto insurance quotes. In fact, obtaining online auto insurance quotes has several distinct advantages. Nonetheless, many people have questions about the process. Here are answers to five common questions about buying online auto insurance.

1. What's the main benefit of getting online auto insurance quotes?

When you use an online auto insurance quote site, you bypass the hassle of calling individual insurance companies to get the best rate. Instead, you submit your information once, and receive quotes from up to 15 different insurance companies.

2. What kind of personal information do I have to provide?

While various sites have different guidelines, the amount of personal information you provide is often up to you. However, the specificity of the quotes is in large part determined by the information you offer. To get the most accurate online auto insurance quotes, you'll need to provide your home address, date of birth, how long you've lived at your current address, information about your vehicles, driver information, and information about accidents or citations.

3. What factors influence the rates that I am quoted?

Your rates are based on a number of factors, including your driving record, your age, and where your vehicle is kept. Some companies also provide discounts if, for example, you have automatic seat belts or airbags, an anti-theft device, a good driving record, or multiple policies with the same carrier. Rates are also determined by the kind of insurance policy you want and the deductible you choose.

4. Do I have to buy car insurance online once I receive quotes?

A reputable online auto insurance comparison site will provide quotes free of charge and not require you to purchase insurance. If you do need immediate coverage, however, choose a site that is owned by an insurance broker who can also help you buy insurance and who can provide you with virtually instant proof of insurance.

5. Will I start getting sales calls or spam if I get quotes online?

Again, it depends upon the site. A reputable online auto insurance broker will respect your privacy and have a privacy policy prominently placed on his or her website. The privacy policy should explain how your email address and contact information will be used by the broker and his or her affiliates.

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