A New Trend in the Car Rental Arena?

It seems that San Francisco may be at the forefront of yet another progressive idea; giving people who rent more environmentally friendly hybrid cars, in this case at SFO, the San Francisco Airport, a rebate.

In an announcement on Tues. Apr. 15th, Mayor Gavin Newsom also announced an additional incentive for the car rental companies themselves. If they demonstrate that 15 percent of their car rentals for the year have high fuel efficiency ratings from the EPA they will receive a 20 percent discount on their airport concession fees.

The proposal still needs approval from the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors, but if
approved it would begin in December of 2008. Newsom said that the program would cost $2.1 million a year and that it would be funded by the revenue the airport receives from the car rental companies.

If this program gets duplicated in other municipalities across the U.S., it would certainly have a positive impact in the area of emissions generation, something that would be appreciated by anyone who believes Al Gore .