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    The Last Mile: Cars That Will Be Discontinued For 2020  Forbes

    Launched just a decade ago, the compact Chevrolet Cruze is among a slew of passenger cars being cancelled at the end of the current model year.

    Car-crazy Californians slow their purchases of new vehicles  CNBC

    New vehicles sales in California dropped 5.6% in the first half of 2019, setting the state on track for full-year sales to fall short of 2 million vehicles for the first time ...

    American cities need to phase out cars  The Week

    On August 12, a man named Umar Baig was driving illegally in Brooklyn — speeding his Dodge Charger down Coney Island Avenue far, far above the speed ...

    The world’s on fire, and Aston Martin wants to build ‘lairs’ for cars  The Verge

    One of the first announcements to come out of the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is that Aston Martin is starting a *service* called "Aston Martin ...

    Car prices are approaching $40,000, but here are 4 reasons why relief may be in sight  USA TODAY

    Sticker prices on new vehicles are approaching $40,000 as the nation's SUV craze continues. But relief may finally be in sight. A confluence of factors, ranging ...

    Monterey Car Week Shows Off World’s Rarest, Ultra Luxury Cars  CBS San Francisco

    PEBBLE BEACH (KPIX 5) – It is that time of year when car lovers and collectors, and automakers transform the Monterey area into a huge celebration.

    Here's What The 2021 Formula One Rule Changes Will Look Like  Jalopnik

    The Powers That Be at Formula One have come together to decide how, exactly, they can make the world's most elite racing series actually more enjoyable to ...

    Sheriff: Man who hit person, multiple cars at Coventry Township Dunkin Donuts was under the influence  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

    COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio - 70-year-old William Lavery faces multiple charges after driving into Dunkin Donuts on Manchester Road in Coventry Township ...

    C8 Corvette Designer Director: 'Design It For A 10-Year-Old Kid'  Jalopnik

    The Chevrolet Corvette, over its many decades, has garnered a reputation for its appeal to older men—an unfortunate stereotype for a vehicle that was pretty ...

    A Historian's Take on the Future of Cars  Yahoo Finance

    Historian and author Dan Albert explains the surprising and fascinating history of America's relationship with the automobile.

    Home, cars damaged on Madison's north side Sunday morning  WMTV

    Police are investigating multiple cases of damaged property on Madison's north side, after homeowners heard a window being smashed early Sunday morning.

    Yellow Cars Are Back, Praise Be  Jalopnik

    The world is a hellscape, politics is a nightmare, a recession is expected and car sales are slowing but, by God, yellow is back. In a world full of uncertainty, ...

    The Must-See, Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Cars from the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance  Car and Driver

    Many of the priceless automobiles parked on the 18th green at the Pebble Beach golf course for the annual Concours d'Elegance can seem irrelevant to the ...

    19 Most Comfortable Cars in 2019  U.S. News & World Report

    Whether you're commuting through a congested city, cornering country roads, or clocking long highway distances, comfort is key. Several factors, from a ...

    The 9 Coolest Cars Up for Auction at Monterey Car Week 2019  Forbes

    From a 1939 Porsche to two ferocious Ferraris from the '50s to a 1995 Vector M12, these are the best vehicles up for auction at Monterey Car Week 2019.

    Lincoln Is Coming For Cadillac And It Shouldn't Be A Hard Fight  Jalopnik

    The new Cadillac XT6 doesn't seem to stand a chance against the new Lincoln Aviator, some United Auto Workers idiots are in trouble for not handing out ...

    Here's How Easy It Can Be To Steal A Car With Keyless Entry  Jalopnik

    It's no secret that keyless entry systems don't fully protect you against car theft. That hasn't prevented automakers from building such cars—or consumers from ...

    How Tesla’s Path To Self-Driving Cars Is Different From Others  CleanTechnica

    August 19th, 2019 by Matt Pressman. Originally published on EVANNEX. The race to fully autonomous vehicles is on. In April, Elon Musk declared that Tesla ...

    At $195,000, Could This 2015 Panther WaterCar Be Fun If By Land And Two Times As Much If By Sea?  Jalopnik

    With the threat of global climate change supposedly looming, there's a strong possibility that many of our favorite coastal roads will eventually be under water.

    Dump truck hits pedestrian, cars before crashing into Subway restaurant in Pioneer Square  Q13 News Seattle

    A dump truck crashed into a Subway restaurant on Yesler Way in Pioneer Square, injuring at least three people and forcing the evacuation of the entire building.

    Bloomington, MN mosque creep's video features cars, music, capitalization  City Pages

    We Minnesotans have been subjected to some pretty scary movies about folks who live here.

    Good Samaritan pulls driver from flaming car after early-morning crash  WGN TV Chicago

    CHICAGO — A county worker is being hailed as a hero after pulling a man out of a burning car, saving his life early Sunday morning. Around 3 a.m..

    Bugatti's $18.7 million La Voiture Noire makes its US debut at Pebble Beach  CNBC

    The world's most expensive new car makes its North American debut this week at the world's premier luxury auto show, the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance ...

    Hoax Chinese police cars on streets of Australia spark alarm  South China Morning Post

    Vehicles bearing police logos and Chinese-language markings have been spotted in Perth and Adelaide.

    Man randomly fired at cars in Indian River County, deputies say

    The Indian River County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man they say was randomly firing at cars.

    The race to the electric car is just getting started  CNN

    Elon Musk made electric cars cool. Now the rest of the auto industry is racing to catch up with Tesla.

    What’s the Best New-Car Deal for August 2019?

    August 6, 2019 - Looking for a deal a new car this month? Don't leave the house until you read our selection of cars with deep discounts.

    Unlocked cars stolen, entered in Hampden Township  ABC27

    MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Three vehicles stolen overnight and a dozen more entered in Hampden Township were all unlocked, police said. The stolen ...

    ‘Tesla Killers’ Are Having A Really Hard Time Killing Tesla  Bloomberg

    It's a trope that's been around roughly as long as Elon Musk has been in the car business: When a new electric vehicle is unveiled, it's dubbed a potential “Tesla ...

    ‘We’re Full,’ Car Dealers Say as Auto Sales Slow After a Long Boom  The New York Times

    After seven years of strong growth, carmakers are selling fewer cars, cutting production and laying off workers as even inventories of unsold S.U.V.s rise.

    These 20 vehicles are the most stolen new cars in the U.S.  USA TODAY

    Cars like the Dodge Charger and pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are among the most-stolen new vehicles, according to a new study.

    Pebble Beach Car Week: Where one-percenters can blow $48 million on a car

    Widely considered the world's most prestigious classic car show, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is entering its 69th year. For a collector, an invitation to ...

    Russia's Yandex looks at ten-fold increase in driverless car fleet...  Reuters

    Yandex, a Russian equivalent to Google, said it is considering expanding its fleet of self-driving cars to up to 1000 within the next two years in order to speed up ...

    Our Cars Are Trying to Keep Us Safe. Here’s How.  The New York Times

    There is no question that the tech in cars is making us safer. Even when optional, active electronic safety features can pay for themselves quickly.

    NASCAR cars getting big wheels in 2021  Fox News

    There's a pretty big change coming to NASCAR. (Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images). Goodyear's director of race tire sales, Gregg Stucker, ...

    Severe thunderstorm winds in Kansas cause more than 100 cars on 2 trains to derail  Fox News

    A line of severe thunderstorms that roared across Kansas early Sunday morning reportedly brought winds so powerful they caused two trains with more than 100 ...

    Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Which cars have it and which ones are getting it?  USA TODAY

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have sparked significant tech upgrades in cars, but most models require a USB connection.

    Netflix's 'Hyperdrive' is the craziest car show on TV  Fox News

    "Hyperdrive" was almost inevitable. Netflix's new series combines drifting and video games with a fitness ninja-style obstacle course to create a motorsports ...

    Porsche’s Type 64 Nazi Car Fails to Sell Amid Auction Blunder  Bloomberg

    After what some in the audience thought was an attempt at a joke with the starting bid, the controversial coupe doesn't find a new home.

    Electric-car startup Nio loses co-founder  CNET

    Nio, the Chinese electric-car startup that had grand plans, has been stuck in choppy waters recently. Adding to some of the company's misfortune is the news ...

    A Remote-Start App Exposed Thousands of Cars to Hackers  WIRED

    The bugs could have let an industrious hacker locate cars, unlock them, and start them up from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Three cars run over woman walking on SC highway at night, highway patrol says  The State

    A woman was killed late Saturday night when she got out of a vehicle that drove off on a highway in Anderson County and was hit by three cars while walking on ...

    An investment in future pays off with new Orange Line cars  The Boston Globe

    It's true: They really do have a new-subway smell. The shiny new Orange Line train that pulled into stations Wednesday was, quite literally, a breath of *fresh* air ...

    Keyless Car Security Vulnerabilities Tested

    What Car? magazine has tested the security of keyless go systems with some surprising results.

    Woodward Dream Cruise 2019: GM Designers Show Off Their Cars  Motor Trend

    A highlight of the week leading up to Saturday's Woodward Dream Cruise is the exclusive car show at General Motors' Warren tech center. Read more here!

    Angry vandal smashes window at Beth's Cafe in Seattle, rams cars during escape  Q13 News Seattle

    SEATTLE – Seattle Police are investigating after an unidentified man threw a large 'No Parking' sign through the window of the very popular Beth's Cafe on ...

    Rise of Electric Cars Threatens to Drain German Growth  The Wall Street Journal

    Concern is rising in Europe's automobile heartland about the economic impact of the move to electric vehicles from gasoline-powered cars. Executives in ...

    Dreaming of British sports cars while serving in a war zone  Washington Post

    Imagine walking through a foreign jungle in the middle of a war wondering if your next footstep is going to be your last. You might say to yourself something like ...

    Beware Of These Outdated Used Car Buying Tips  Jalopnik

    Buying a used car can be a bit more stressful than purchasing a new one. While it is possible to get a quality pre-owned vehicle, it requires a bit of patience and ...

    Diesel Car Sales Plunge In The World's Hottest Electric Car Market

    Sales of certain diesel models are in free-fall as Norwegians turn to Tesla and other makers of premium electric vehicles (EV), Rystad Energy finds.

    Sunday Rewind: Hunting For The Best Cars And Watches At Car Week  HODINKEE

    While Sunday Rewind is not usually directly connected to any one writer at Hodinkee, I elected to keep my name on this one as not only did I produce the ...

    Gallery: Rare Ferrari, Porsche, other exotic cars sold at auction  Fox Business

    These are some of the most expensive cars that sold in Monterey, California.

    Ferrari will expand its lineup of GT cars but won't chase volume  Autoblog

    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Italian premium sports car maker Ferrari will expand sales of easier-driving grand touring cars, but will not try to chase rival Porsche's ...

    Aston squad proud of progress in "the F1 of touring cars"

    The boss of the R-Motorsport Aston Martin DTM squad, Florian Kamelger, says he is satisfied with the progress his outfit has made in a series he has described ...

    A game changer is coming for electric car owners  CNN

    Electric cars are getting cheaper and they can go farther on a single charge. Still, most car shoppers have one big concern: How will I keep an electric car ...

    This car has highest possible safety rating. It also has the most accidents in America  USA TODAY

    The Subaru Crosstrek has been involved in more at-fault accidents than any other car in America.

    Bugatti is making only 10 of these $9 million supercars  CNN

    Bugatti unveiled its latest limited-edition model at a classic car show in California Friday. The Bugatti Centodieci will cost $9 million and only 10 will be made.

    JACKSONVILLE MCDONALDS DRIVE THRU PILE UP: Three car pileup in McDonald's drive-through

    The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said they responded to a crash involving three cars in the drive-through of a McDonalds on McCormick and ...

    Rumor: Sixth production-bound VW ID electric car to be previewed with LA show concept  Green Car Reports

    Volkswagen could present another production-intent ID concept at the LA auto show in November.

    Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake?  The New Yorker

    For a century, we've loved our cars, but they haven't loved us back, Nathan Heller writes.

    IndyCar drivers were furious after scary 5-car crash on Lap 1 at Pocono  For The Win

    Robert Wickens, who suffered severe spinal injuries at Pocono in 2018, said IndyCar needs to stop returning to the track.

    2 hurt after several cars, apartments hit by bullets in north Charlotte  WSOC Charlotte

    Officers said two victims, a man and a woman, were shot in the parking lot. MEDIC took both victims to the hospital, and they are expected to be OK.

    India's car market just had its worst month in 18 years. 1 million jobs are at risk  CNN

    New Delhi (CNN Business) Just two years ago, India's huge car market was booming and global players were rushing to invest. Now it's been slammed into ...

    22-Month-Old New Jersey Girl Dies After Being Left Inside Locked Hot Car

    The young girl was pronounced dead at the scene after she was found unresponsive in the car.

    Hybrid cars ordered out of Utah's I-15 express lanes  Salt Lake Tribune

    Snowbird • Hybrid vehicle drivers are losing their special permission to use express lanes on Interstate 15. About 5,000 owners of the electric-or-gas cars had ...

    Popular Cars to Avoid and What to Buy Instead

    Consumer Reports highlights popular cars to avoid among minivans, SUVs, and cars, with smart alternatives that perform better.

    Ferrari will expand its lineup of road cars, but not too much  Yahoo Finance

    Italian premium sports car maker Ferrari NV will expand sales of easier-driving grand touring cars, but will not try to chase rival Porsche's annual sales volume, ...

    Maryland officers turn car’s passenger seat into roadside delivery room  WTOP

    It was one of the more unusual calls for a group of Laurel, Maryland, police officers who on Friday evening had to turn a car's passenger seat into an impromptu ...

    Barn Find Bonanza Includes Some 200 Collector Cars - MotorTrend  Motor Trend

    How many cars could you see yourself owning? It's probably fewer than the roughly 200 collector cars in this barn find in rural Minnesota.

    Suspected drunk driver's car struck by train  KIRO Seattle

    A woman says she's grateful to be alive after a suspected drunk driver nearly plowed into her. He lost control and hit a train. Then another train stopped him in ...

    Major Traffic Experiment in N.Y.C.: Cars All but Banned on Major Street  The New York Times

    The city takes its crackdown on cars to 14th Street, a crosstown route for 21000 vehicles a day, which will be virtually off limits.

    Who Needs a Valet? Cars in This Garage Can Park Themselves  WIRED

    Daimler and Bosch say they've gained approval for cars to park—no safety drivers needed—at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

    We can't stop parents from leaving kids in hot cars, but we can do this  AZCentral

    Most kids who die in hot cars were unintentionally left there. What if we did a better job of warning parents of their mistake?

    More than 40 cars caught up in crash at I-40, I-85 interchange near Mebane

    Officials said between 45-50 vehicles were involved in a pile-up Saturday along the Interstate 40 and Interstate 85 exchange.

    18 Best Cars Being Auctioned During Monterey Car Week 2019 UK

    With quite a few cars being auctioned off during Monterey Car Week 2019, we have gathered a list of the 18 best, which include both American and European ...

    New cars 'can be broken into in 10 seconds'  BBC News

    What Car? magazine experts say the latest models with keyless entry systems can easily be hijacked.

    How and why electric vehicles will change the way cars look  Digital Trends

    While there are more electric cars on the road than ever before, they're very much still a novelty. But as you may have noticed, EVs look different than traditional ...

    Automakers Sign Deal For Fuel-Efficient Cars With California  NPR

    The state of California has formed a deal with four automakers to produce fuel-efficient cars. The agreement is different from plans the Trump administration is ...

    What Car Do You Have A Vendetta Against?  Jalopnik

    Between Autumn 1973 and Spring 1974, 63 Citroën Meharis were burned to the ground on Paris streets. Not much more is known about the incident, but we can ...

    Tesla solar rentals, more VW ID concepts, Hyundai EV design: Today's Car News  Green Car Reports

    Hyundai plans a new design language to identify its EVs. Tesla plans to rent solar panels. Volkswagen is sizing up some EV-adoption barriers, and a new piece ...

    Teen alive and well after car landed on top of him  New York Post

    Juan Spence was on life support at MCV Hospital after having part of his skull removed due to swelling. Doctors gave Juan a 5 percent chance of living.

    Nio looks to shed other businesses to keep building cars  Green Car Reports

    After laying off 70 workers and closing an office in the U.S., Chinese automaker Nio is searching its cupboards for cash. EV sales have foundered in China this ...

    There’s a $5,600 Electric Makeover for Your Old Diesel Car  Bloomberg

    About 5,000 euros ($5,600) are set to buy your 10-year-old combustion clunker an electric makeover—and offer a cut-price way to avoid driving bans across ...

    Tesla Delivers More Cars—and More Losses  WIRED

    On one hand, Tesla is making and selling cars. Wednesday, the company said it had delivered 95,356 vehicles in the second quarter of 2019, beating its own ...

    Rolls-Royce Shows Off Pastel-Colored Cars In Pebble Beach

    The Rolls-Royce Ghost, Dawn, and Wraith premiere in specially colored editions for the debut of the Pebble Beach 2019 Pastel Collection during Monterey Car ...

    How Jaywalking Could Jam Up the Era of Self-Driving Cars  The New York Times

    Imagine Manhattan without jaywalking. Or Los Angeles freeways without speeding, or Moscow without grinding traffic. If self-driving cars are going to move ...

    How a phony car loan scam bilked credit unions out of millions  Fox Business

    The scheme sought more than 80 auto loans, attempting about $2.7 million in fraud and obtaining about $1.7 million before the seven scammers were caught.

    Study Examines America's Most Crashed Car Models  The Truth About Cars

    Earlier this month the insurance comparison site Insurify passed around a study of the car models most likely to receiving speeding tickets. The worst offenders ...

    Berlin's Popular Shopping Streets Will Go Car-Free  CityLab

    The German capital will experiment with banning cars on two popular retail streets—but it's being notably more cautious than its European counterparts.

    Ferrucci welcomes car rally from hometown  INDYCAR

    LONG POND, Pa. — Santino Ferrucci joined 41 family and friends for a little extra fun today at Pocono Raceway. Before the Dale Coyne Racing driver put on his ...

    Mazda’s first electric car spotted testing, looks like a CX-5  Electrek

    Mazda is preparing to launch its first electric car, and it looks like we have the first images of the prototype spotted testing in Norway. The Japanese automaker is ...

    Readers Write: 'Car wars,' immigration restrictions  Star Tribune

    And now, the full equation for those with full responsibilities.

    There's science behind why parents leave kids in hot cars  USA TODAY

    As more and more children die in hot cars every summer, parents, politicians and experts are scrambling to find ways to prevent the tragedies.

    Doubt over William Tyrrell foster mother's claim two cars seen in street  The Guardian

    Inquest also hears local resident told police he saw two cars – one with a boy in a Spider-Man suit – drive away.

    BMW revives 'lost' concept car  Engadget

    Concept cars -- after making the auto show rounds -- typically end up in an automaker's museum. But in 1970, BMW lost a concept car -- it just disappeared.

    How to negotiate the best price on a car, according to former car salesmen  CNBC

    Former car salesmen share four strategies to help you get the best deal when you buy a car.

    Are touch screens in cars too distracting for seniors?  The Globe and Mail

    Increasingly, luxury-car makers are replacing physical controls for the radio and climate control with touch screens.

    Watch Porsche’s first electric car make an EV expert’s mind melt  The Verge

    Former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith takes the Porsche Taycan from 0 to 60 mph and beyond. The car will finally be fully unveiled on September 4th.

    Electric cars to offer free daytime rides in downtown Eugene starting Aug. 23  The Register-Guard

    LTD details the new EmGo ride *service* and app.

    Bicycling Incrementalism Has Failed. NYC Needs To Break Car Culture Now  Gothamist

    Today we seem no closer to a humane balance on our streets between bikes and motorized vehicles than we did 20 years ago.