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    Certified pre-owned cars cost more, but come with perks
    DETROIT — A certified pre-owned vehicle costs more than a regular used car, but it can give buyers some peace of mind in an often murky market. Certified pre-owned vehicles are used cars that are backed by an automaker's guarantee. They're usually ...

    Miami Herald

    Man fires AK-47 pistol at cars and cops on Palmetto Expressway
    Miami Herald
    Drivers and police officers on the Palmetto Expressway were met with a barrage of gunfire early Monday morning from a man firing off an AK-47 pistol from inside his car. Horvin Ruiz, 30, was headed southbound around Northwest 74th Street in a burgundy ...

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    Boston Herald

    First-time buyers reveal their favorite 2017 cars
    Boston Herald
    Even if a driver's first car was a red 1966 Chevrolet Impala station wagon, that vehicle is usually remembered fondly. But a survey just released by Cambridge-based automotive consumer website shows that the experience of a driver's first ...


    Car owners are holding their vehicles for longer, which is both good ...
    There are a lot of old "road warriors" traveling this Memorial Day weekend. That's because the average age of vehicles in the U.S. is a record 11.6 years, ...

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    Tomorrow's Cars Won't Just Drive Themselves. They'll Feel Different
    Look inside a modern car, and you'll see many of the same materials that formed the earliest automobiles. Leather, wood, metal, and cloth convey a sense of luxury, a connection to the beloved way things were. You may see synthetic stuff too, materials ...


    Porsche To Crack Down On People Who Flip Their Cars For Profit
    The secondhand market for Porsche's specialty GT cars is insane. We've reported on 911 Rs selling for three or four times their original sticker price. Porsche's not taking this lying down, and so the automaker says it will start getting tough on car ...

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    The Mercury News

    Early Stage: Teaching self-driving cars to read emotions
    The Mercury News
    If self-driving cars can respond to human emotions, it might help build people's trust in the machines and speed up mass adoption of the technology, said Braiq CEO Sameer Saproo. In addition to self-driving cars, Braiq's system could be used to improve ...

    News & Observer

    Stop! But I won't shoot; SC limits cops firing into cars
    News & Observer
    South Carolina's top law enforcement officer spotted an alarming trend while reviewing shootings by police in the state: Increasingly, the suspect's only weapon was the vehicle they were driving. Shooting at a driver is risky. It's hard to hit a moving ...

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    WMUR Manchester

    Police in Goffstown warning about rash of thefts from cars
    WMUR Manchester
    ... police have investigated 17 incidents and expect that number to grow. All the thefts have taken place from cars that were left unlocked, police said. No cars were damaged. Police have urged residents to lock their vehicles to avoid becoming a ...

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    Hatchback cars stage a comeback - USA Today
    While cars sales plummet and buyers switch to SUVs, the underappreciated hatchback body style is enjoying a minor renaissance as a rush of new models go ...

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