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    Waymo and Intel Shack Up to Create a Self-Driving Power Couple
    As the self-driving car industry continues its rapid growth, it's seeing more partnership drama than a middle school dance. For months now, major companies have been hooking up—Uber and Daimler, Lyft and General Motors, Microsoft and Volvo—but Intel ...
    Intel is working with Waymo to build fully self-driving carsThe Verge
    Google's self-driving cars have been using Intel chips this whole timeCNBC
    Intel reveals it has been working with Google on self-driving cars ...Ars Technica
    Intel Newsroom -Medium -SAE International
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    Markets Insider

    An ex-Googler says flying cars are 'completely crazy' — and they're 3 years away from becoming the next hot thing
    Markets Insider
    Flying cars are poised to replace self-driving cars as the hot thing in the next three years according to ex-Googler and Kitty Hawk founder Sebastian Thrun. During his appearance at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Thrun, ...
    Autonomous driving's godfather and tech investors say the world is ready for flying carsTechCrunch

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    Finally, an Online Course for Aspiring Flying Car Engineers
    In the past year, flying cars have gone from LOL, to maybe a real thing, to a booming industry raking in VC cash and churning out sweet renderings of an aerial future. The chance to trigger the next great transportation revolution has drawn in big ...
    Udacity adds a new 'Intro to Self-Driving Cars' NanodegreeTechCrunch
    Udacity adds course on flying cars and ramps up self-driving programSFGate
    Lyft offers 400 scholarships for online self-driving car courseEngadget
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    BBC News

    Why switching to fully electric cars will take time - BBC News
    BBC News
    Are electric cars really about to take over from the old-fashioned internal combustion engine? Judging by some of the headlines we've seen recently, you could ...
    Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: the seven best concept carsThe Week UK

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    CBS Los Angeles

    Skateboarders Burglarize Cars In San Pedro
    CBS Los Angeles
    “When all this started coming up, I started checking my footage and found that my cars, they tried to get in both my cars very aggressively and couldn't,” said Labrecque. Labrecque is the coordinator for the Taper and Harbor Highlands Neighborhood Watch.


    Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Electric Car
    With some of the latest all-electric cars, most notably the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3, able to run for well over 200 miles on a charge, and the redesigned 2018 Nissan Leaf now rated at 150 miles, EVs are fast becoming practical for a growing ...

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    WDIV Detroit

    Car collector in Northfield Township ordered to scrap or sell his cars
    WDIV Detroit
    NORTHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A man in Northfield Township is being ordered to scrap or sell his collection of cars, and the township is threatening legal trouble. Ron Dauzet, 74, has a collection of nearly 200 cars on his property, and they're not all ...

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    Tesla Model 3 Waiting List Is Insane Just Like These Other Hot Cars
    There is a reason why London, Monaco and Dubai are basically city-wide car shows even as the U.S. market cools. U.S. auto sales peaked at 17.55 million vehicles last year, but the National Automobile Dealers Association expected U.S. sales to drop to ...


    Tencent & Guangzhou Are Creating Internet Connected Cars ...
    Tencent and Guangzhou Auto are working on internet-connected cars, exploring investment in auto-related e-commerce and new energy cars.
    Tencent and Guangzhou team up to develop smart carsFinancial Times

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    The Verge

    Excess pollution from diesel cars leads to 5000 premature deaths a year in Europe
    The Verge
    New research captures some of the real-world impact on lives lost due to air pollution associated with diesel cars. In a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, researchers showed that in 2013, air pollution by diesel cars ...
    Diesel cars are 'more polluting' than thought, study findsFinancial Times

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