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    Garbage truck fire engulfs cars, damaged homes  Turn to 10

    A fire which started on a garbage truck engulfed two other cars and damaged two homes in Fall River on Tuesday. According to officials, the fire started in the ...

    Here’s how Lyft envisions self-driving cars communicating with pedestrians  TechCrunch

    The question of how self-driving cars will interact and communicate with humans is one that has come up before, but the answer is still up in the air. Google has ...

    15 Cars We're Excited for In 2019

    As 2018 winds down, we reflect on what we enjoyed this year, but we've also got an eye on the future. These are the 15 cars we're most excited for in 2019.

    Man who rammed cars to flee 'zombies' gets 15 years  WEAR

    A Mississippi Gulf Coast man who rammed vehicles because he thought zombies were chasing him has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Sun Herald ...

    China is reportedly close to cutting its tariffs on US cars, a big trade-war concession to Trump  Business Insider

    The Chinese cabinet will consider reducing tariffs on US cars to 15% from 40%, a move that would give President Donald Trump a big trade-war win.

    Topeka Police warns of rash of vandalism to cars  WIBW

    The Topeka Police Dept. is warning people about a rash of vandalism plaguing multiple neighborhoods around town.

    Suspect crashes into cars; Busy intersection in Westlake closed  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

    WESTLAKE, Ohio-- Police are asking people to avoid an area of Westlake after a theft suspect crashed into several cars. Officers were called to an altercation in ...

    Formula E and the progress electric cars have made  Quartz

    Formula E will have a single car that can drive for the whole race for the first time.

    Traffic in Seattle, 2018: Fewer cars, bicyclists and walkers; more transit riders and carpoolers  The Seattle Times

    The city's annual report shows that the push to shift people from driving alone to other forms of transportation is working in some cases, but not at fast enough ...

    China’s government sweeps up data from the country’s electric cars  Quartz

    Nothing of strategic importance falls outside Beijing's surveillance machinery. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the Chinese government has its eyes on the ...

    Jalopnik This Is the Stuff Movies Constantly Get Wrong About Cars Kristen Lee Yesterday 11:10am  Jalopnik

    I love seeing cars in movies. They can easily make a scene way more exciting. The problem is that not everything about the cars in those movies is, uh, accurate.

    Volvo's New Pitch: 'Don't Buy This Car'  Bloomberg

    The automaker says selling vehicles via “subscriptions” will help it build stronger ties to its customers.

    Cleveland, Lakewood burglary ring broke into homes and stole cars as residents slept, prosecutors say

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A group of men broke into more than a dozen Lakewood and Cleveland homes at night as residents slept and stole cars from their ...

    Court Concludes Tesla Illegally Sold Cars at Gallery  NBC Connecticut

    A Connecticut judge has ruled that electric car manufacturer Tesla illegally sold vehicles from its gallery in Greenwich, agreeing with the state's conclusion.

    Connecticut judge says Tesla illegally sold cars from Greenwich gallery  Hartford Courant

    A Superior Court judge ruled last week that Tesla was engaging in what amounted to illegal sales out of its Greenwich gallery in another local setback for the ...

    Confused About Winter, Californians Are Building Snowmen on Cars and Driving Around  The Drive

    There are a few simple rules to safe winter driving. Take your time. Slow, easy inputs on the wheel and pedals. Look farther ahead than normal. And a quick PSA ...

    Volkswagen Illegally Sold Pre-Production Test Cars Instead of Crushing Them  The Drive

    Instead of crushing its test models, VW sold at least 6700 of them to unsuspecting buyers in Europe and North America over the last 12 years.

    Multiple police cars damaged in chase that ends in crash in Spanish Lake

    Multiple police cars were damaged when a chase ended in a crash in Spanish Lake on Monday night.

    The Revolution Will Be Driverless: Autonomous Cars Usher In Big Changes  NPR

    Driverless vehicles could be the "most disruptive technology to hit society worldwide since the advent of the motor car," says former New York City Traffic ...

    Several cars stolen from Southington neighborhood | News  WFSB

    SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - It's a crime of opportunity. People stealing cars while the vehicles are warming up in driveways. It's been happening state-wide ...

    Waymo’s Self-Driving Launch, and More This Week in Cars  WIRED

    But the announcement came with serious caveats. Plus: Tesla's Autopilot, May Mobility, and scooters.

    VIDEO: Pack of dogs dodge traffic on I-17 in PHX  ABC15 Arizona

    A group of lucky dogs dodged cars and stopped traffic as they made their way across the lanes of Interstate 17 in Phoenix Monday morning.

    Your next car may be a skateboard  CNET

    Planning on buying an electric car? A skateboard chassis might be in your future.

    St. Louis County police considering ticketing residents who leave cars unattended while they warm up

    If you warm up your car in the morning and leave it unattended, you could soon get a ticket.

    Pininfarina Battista is a 1,900-horsepower, 250-mph electric supercar  Digital Trends

    The Pininfarina Battista will be the first production car from famed Italian design firm Pininfarina. Named after company founder Battista Pininfarina, it has a ...

    Vroom nabs $146M from AutoNation, VCs for its used car site  TechCrunch

    Vroom has raised $146 million in Series G funding, an expansion to a $30 million investment we reported in early September. U.S. automotive retailer ...

    China Moves to Cut Trade-War Tariffs on U.S. Cars  The Daily Beast

    A proposal that would reduce tariffs on American cars from 40 to 15 percent has been submitted to the Chinese Cabinet, according to a Tuesday report from ...

    Three Wheels, No Shame: Test-Driving the Latest Thrill-Seeking Fad  Bloomberg

    Niche vehicles from Morgan, Vanderhall, and Polaris have a lot to offer if you're looking for a thrill.

    GM fights Washington to retain $7,500 tax credit for electric cars  MarketWatch

    General Motors is fighting to retain a valuable tax credit for electric vehicles as the nation's largest automaker tries to deal with the political fallout triggered by its ...

    Car-branded phones need to make a U-turn if they ever want to impress  Digital Trends

    Your car and your smartphone are becoming one, yet smartphones branded or co-created by car companies are a problem. What should be good has almost ...

    The 'Netflix' model of car ownership is on the rise for drivers who need wheels--without the debt  CNBC

    Automakers, dealers and start-ups now offer car subscriptions as an alternative to the traditional financing model. Financial experts and consumer advocates ...

    Madrid’s ban on cars cut traffic on its busiest street by a third — and other cities are cracking down  INSIDER

    Madrid joins a long list of cities that are restricting cars in an effort to reduce traffic and air pollution.

    Our Favorite Cars of 2018

    We drive a lot of cars every year. Some are totally forgettable, some are great, while a small handful stick with us. These are the sort of cars where handing back ...

    Cars Crushed When Greensboro Warehouse Collapses Under Heavy Snow

    It could have been so much worse. But thankfully, firefighters say NO ONE was hurt when this used car warehouse was crushed by the snow.

    Racing Your Street Car Is a Bad Idea

    Street racing is a really bad idea, but it's also a bad idea to put your street car into a competitive event.

    Multiple cars involved in accident in front of Wyoming Medical Center  Oil City News

    Four cars were involved in an accident on Second Street in front of the Wyoming Medical Center and Conwell Park on Monday afternoon. Responders were still ...

    Local dealership wants Nissan to take broken cars back  WSMV Nashville

    It's a type of car that everyone would love to have. But the News4 I-Team found a local dealership doesn't want to sell it.

    What to know about owning or buying a discontinued car  Chicago Tribune

    With all the news about American automakers discontinuing car models, it's fair to wonder how that affects the value of those cars going out of production.

    RTD to add more cars to A Line as ridership unexpectedly increases  FOX 31 Denver

    DENVER -- RTD will add more cars on the A Line between Union Station and Denver International Airport because of the unexpected increase in ridership.

    California Is Installing Chargers for a Type of Electric Car That Doesn't Exist Yet  Futurism

    California is now home to the first 350 kW chargers for electric vehicles. There aren't any models that can use them today, but some are coming soon.

    Could Someone Save the 1,000-MPH Bloodhound SSC Project?  Popular Mechanics

    The land-speed-record project is dead, and selling off its car.

    Cars That Aren't Quite As You Remember Them

    Are you bored at work today? Want to burn an hour, or a week, reading random words on a website? Allow me to suggest TV Tropes, a place where people ...

    97% of Auto Mechanics Can't Work on Electric Cars, New Report Concludes  CleanTechnica

    December 10th, 2018 by Jo Borrás. Originally posted on Gas2. Recently published studies from the UK's Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) revealed that as ...

    Nissan to sell limited edition sports car for $1.1 million  CNN

    The Nissan GT-R sports car is already expensive. But, for those who want something truly special, Nissan has announced it will make 50 production versions of ...

    Bad news for the 1,000mph car as Bloodhound SSC is shut down  Ars Technica

    Sad news, everyone. Bloodhound SSC, the British project to shatter the land speed record, is dead. Breaking the 1,000mph barrier with a ground vehicle is ...

    6 hurt in Johnston County crash involving 2 cars, tanker truck  WTVD-TV

    Six people were injured after a crash involving two cars and a tanker truck on US 701 near Four Oaks on Monday.

    Cars will soon do away with aerials  This is Money

    The traditional car radio is set to follow the in-car tape-player, CD-player, eight-track cartridges and even the early in-car record player on the road to automotive ...

    Why a D.C. bicycling group wants to charge cars to enter the city  Washington Post

    Last week, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) issued a comprehensive — and potentially controversial — action plan for improving traffic safety ...

    Volkswagen CEO: Trump 'has a point,' so we may make cars at Ford plants  USA TODAY

    Volkswagen Group is in talks with Ford Motor Co. to potentially make some VW vehicles at Ford plants in the U.S., CEO Herbert DIess said.

    Violent car break-ins at Bluffton gym leave thousands of dollars in damage  WSAV-TV

    BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) - Bluffton residents want to warn others after thieves not only stole their property, but did thousands of dollars in damage to their cars.

    Cars Aren’t People  Jalopnik

    There are a lot of annoying things that are wrong in the car space. Women are often still treated as decorations at race tracks, the word “dynamism” is far ...

    Electric Scooters Are Better for Cities Than Cars  WIRED

    The vehicles made by Bird, Lime, and the like can slash emissions, reinvigorate mass transit, and address America's dependency on cars.

    How long should you warm your car up before driving in cold weather?

    On a frigid morning, it's always tempting to let your car warm up for 10 minutes so it's nice and warm by the time you're ready to head out. But you shouldn't let it ...

    VW Says the Next Generation of Combustion Cars Will Be Its Last  Bloomberg

    Volkswagen AG expects the era of the combustion car to fade away after it rolls out its next-generation gasoline and diesel cars beginning in 2026.

    The Key For Tesla's Future Is Batteries, Not Cars  Forbes

    Battery manufacturing is set to become one of the most important industries on the planet. Stop seeing Tesla as a carmaker and start understanding that the ...

    10 cars and trucks that retain the most value 5 years after purchase  INSIDER recently released data that shows which cars have the lowest depreciation five years after being purchased.

    Cars get stuck in mud in Jackson neighborhood  WLBT

    A Jackson resident said the city recently replaced the piping on her street, and it's causing a serious issue.

    What the Los Angeles Auto Show tells us about the future of cars  Grist

    The Chevy Volt is dead, but the green car industry is very much alive.

    Why You Shouldn't Put Just Two Winter Tires on Your Car

    For those of us shopping for winter tires for the upcoming season, the thought has almost certainly crossed our minds: Can I get away with running just two winter ...

    Warming up your car in your driveway? Be careful, you might get a fine

    Warming up your car for more than 15 minutes in New Jersey could get you a $250 fine, according to the law.

    China, Cars and Congress: Three Risks to the 2019 Trade Outlook  Bloomberg

    If 2018 was the year that Donald Trump gave the world a new taste of an ancient phenomenon -- trade wars -- then 2019 is shaping up to be the one in which the ...

    14-year-old car thief caught after crash  ABC Action News

    HUDSON, Fla. — Just released body camera video from the Pasco Sheriff's Office shows deputies chasing a stolen car and the spectacular crash that followed.

    The coolest cars—and trucks—from the 2018 LA auto show  Popular Science

    As the last major auto show of the year, Los Angeles — perhaps the quintessential American car town — annually plays host to a number of major car launches, ...

    TCNJ crash: Cops say DWI driver was trying to pass cars  Asbury Park Press

    A man driving under the influence was attempting to pass cars when he slammed into a vehicle carrying students from The College of New Jersey early Sunday, ...

    Cars and coal help drive 'strong' CO2 rise in 2018  BBC News

    A booming global market for cars has helped drive CO2 emissions to an all-time high in 2018, say researchers. The main factor in the near 3% rise has been ...

    Aston Martin will make old cars electric so they don’t get banned from cities  The Verge

    The "Heritage EV" program launches next year, and will allow owners to convert their classic Aston Martin cars to electric powertrains.

    I Want A Car I Can Pass Down to My Future Children! What Should I Buy?  Jalopnik

    Dennis will soon be relocating from New York City to Northern California. He is looking forward to buying a car that not only will allow him to enjoy the scenery ...

    Dover man, 2 juveniles steal pair of cars, lead police on pursuit  WDEL 1150AM

    Dover Police arrested one man and two juveniles for stealing a pair of cars and leading police on a chase through the city, authorities announced Monday.

    China car sales drop at steepest pace in almost seven years  Yahoo Finance

    BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's automobile sales fell about 14 percent in November from a year earlier, the country's top auto industry association said, ...

    The Weirdest Cars of the 2018 LA Auto Show  ExtremeTech

    The 2018 LA Auto Show is so broad, expansive, and exciting, it was no problem picking a dozen best-of-show cars. Now, here are our favorite different cars ...

    8 hospitalized as a dozen cars crash in Tukwila  KOMO News

    TUKWILA, Wash. -- Eight people were sent to the hospital Monday night after a dozen cars were involved in a crash in Tukwila. The crash, which began as a ...

    People concerned after 18 car break-ins at Macon apartment complex

    People living at a Macon apartment complex want answers after more than a dozen cars were broken into Monday morning. Around 2:30 a.m. Monday, Devin ...

    The EPA airbrushed away 6 million cars to make your gas mileage worse  Grist

    When President Donald Trump's administration argued last August that they were going to save 1,000 lives a year by axing gas mileage rules, you pretty much ...

    These Are the Used Cars With the Best End of the Year Deals For 2018  Jalopnik

    December can be a great time to buy a car. While traditionally the deals are on new models, picking up a pre-owned model during the holidays can save you ...

    Did that car just wink at you? Daimler previews car-to-pedestrian signals  Digital Trends

    Eager to show off their progress with autonomous cars and perhaps do some early consumer softening as well, Daimler and Bosch previewed car-to-pedestrian ...

    Jeep Unveils the Gladiator Pickup and More This Week in Cars  WIRED

    Americans love their trucks, and the auto industry answered this week with the Jeep Gladiator, Range Rover Evoque, Rivian's electric pickup, and more.

    The terrifying moment an HGV smashes into two stationary cars  Daily Mail

    The footage, filmed on the A19 near York, captures the lorry as it travels along the centre of a busy road. It then swerves to the left as oncoming vehicles ...

    1 dead, 3 hurt in Bellflower crash that included 6 cars • Long Beach Post  Long Beach Post

    One person was killed and three others were injured following a six-car crash in Bellflower Saturday evening, authorities said.

    Woman captures scary moment man tried to enter her car at Indiana stoplight  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

    INDIANA – A woman recorded a terrifying altercation with a man who tried multiple times to get into the passenger side of her car, according to WXIN. The video ...

    GM's Job Cuts Are Another Sign of a Future With Fewer Cars  WIRED

    Preparing for a new sort of future, General Motors is cutting 14000 jobs, closing three plants, and killing a bunch of car models.

    LA Auto Show 2018 in Pictures: The Latest Cars, SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Concept Vehicles  Newsweek

    The show is dominated by SUVs and trucks, but there is still room for exciting supercars, as well as electric cars and futuristic autonomous concept vehicles.

    Trump: China to ‘Reduce and Remove’ Tariffs on American Cars  The Wall Street Journal

    China has agreed to cut tariffs on American-made cars, President Trump said on Twitter, apparently signaling Beijing's readiness to make concessions to ...

    GM will no longer make these 6 cars  CNN

    General Motors will end production of six sedans by the end of 2019.

    Experts: 'Skip the extras' when heading to the car wash

    Going to the car wash can become difficult when taking into consideration all of the add-ons that are commonly offered.

    Family wakes up to driveway full of crashed cars  Fox 35 Orlando

    Neighbors along Dumas Drive in Deltona woke up to what sounded like a train wreck -- walking outside, only to, find tire marks across two lawns and a driveway ...

    Man who rammed stolen front loader into cars at Walmart gets 15 years  WLOX

    GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Kiln man will spend 15 years in prison for stealing a John Deere front end loader, then treating a public parking lot like his own ...

    Yamauchi Hints at GT Sport Formula E Cars; Says He Has Already Talked With People in Formula E  Wccftech

    Producer on the GT series and CEO of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, has hinted at the introduction of Formula E cars in GT Sport.

    Making Good Cars Isn't Enough  Jalopnik

    Yesterday, General Motors shocked the business world with news that despite strong profits as of late, it will close several North American plants and lay off ...

    Family of woman hit by several cars on I-95 speaks out  WPEC

    The family of a woman found dead on I-95 after several cars hit her spoke on Tuesday. Relatives struggling to understand the tragic events said 33-year old ...

    This Is the Year Electric Car Racing Gets Real  Popular Mechanics

    As Formula E kicks off its fifth season on December 15, huge automakers like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are finally joining the electric-racing circuit.

    Detroit Has Had It With Cars  Crain's Chicago Business

    General Motors joins Ford and Fiat Chrysler in planning for a future in which everybody buys SUVs and pickups. Is that smart?

    Tesla’s Full Self-Driving patent uses cars as Earth-based GPS satellites  Teslarati

    As Tesla works on developing its full self-driving suite, the electric car maker seems to be developing a software that aims to use other vehicles on the road as ...

    Chevy Camaro Chief Engineer Moves to GM Electric Vehicles  Car and Driver

    Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer and spiritual leader of the Chevrolet Camaro program for more than a decade, is moving to General Motors' newly formed AV/EV ...

    We’ve driven Audi’s first proper electric car, the 2019 e-tron SUV  Ars Technica

    Because Audi was only offering e-tron drives in Abu Dhabi, we elected to accept paid flights and two nights in a hotel in order to attend this event, rather than ...

    Spain Plans a Major Car Ban, and Finds Public Support  CityLab

    As Madrid bans cars in the city center, the national government plans to do the same in more than 100 other places. A new survey suggests broad support ...

    DOT prepares roads for snow; drivers urged to protect cars from cold

    With a high likelihood of snowfall in the Triangle this weekend, DOT crews began preparing roads for winter weather Thursday night.

    VW’s Electrify America opens California’s first 350kW ultra-fast charger, before cars can actually use it  Electrek

    Yesterday, Electrify America announced they've opened their first 350kW quick charge location in Northern California. The bank...

    Thieves steal unattended running cars  WOWT

    OMAHA, Neb (WOWT) It's that time of the year where you go out to warm up the car, sometimes even leaving it unlocked. Police say this practice could make you ...

    Jalopnik What About Cars Do Movies Get Wrong? Kristen Lee Wednesday 8:00pm  Jalopnik

    There's definitely no shortage of cars in movies. There are movies about cars, movies about driving and movies not about cars but where cars do plenty of stunts.

    Americans continued ugly breakup with passenger cars in November as auto sales decline  USA TODAY

    Americans continued to abandon passenger cars in November, transitioning rapidly into crossovers, SUVs and pickups.